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Abby's Info

  • Breed: Lab/husky/beagle
  • Location: Bourbonnais, IL
  • Age: 4 months
  • Favorite Treat: homemade peanut butter treats
  • Favorite Toy:   anything she's not supposed to have
  • Favorite Game: driving daddy crazy by chewing on his shoelaces

Tell us as little or as much about your pet as you'd like here. How did they get adopted? Have they had any injuries? Do they have any pet or human siblings?  Whatever you think is important to know!
We lost our Prancer who was disabled at 2 1/2 years. His health was so bad.  We were heartbroken, but decided to adopt right away.  Abby was 8 weeks old and adorable.  She has made accepting our loss a little more tolerable even though she is a little stinker.  Puppy proofing our house has been an ongoing thing.  She likes to chew on everything.  My cellphone was her latest chew toy.  She is very smart, but also very stubborn and she likes to talk back.  When we tell her no, she gets mad and tells us so. Waiting for better weather so we can let her run in the fenced in backyard to get rid of some of the excess energy.  We love her a lot, but will always miss our Prancer.

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