The capital is Ottawa.  It is located in the southeast of the province of Ontario, on the shores of the Ottawa River, which forms the border between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

The flag of Canada is composed of a maple leaf red with a white square in the center

The number of residents is 34.99 million. The anthem of this country is:

The Canada tastiest dishes are based on fish, typical food of this area is the Solomon Gundy is made ​​based on raw herring dressed with vinegar and smoked sea bass. Another is the Pie dish, a meat pie and pea soup or French Poutine, which are french fries with gravy and curd. And the famous Boeuf Fume sandwich, made in black or rye bread with pickles, mustard and smoked beef.

The most important national sport is ice hockey.

The tourist cities of Canada are

Montreal. This Canadian city is an interesting tourist destination that has many attractions and stands out as one of the industrial, commercial and cultural district of North America.
Ottawa. The capital of Canada, is an interesting travel destination for those who want to know a city where there are temperate natural, historical and cultural.
Toronto. The capital of the Canadian province of Ontario, visitors can find several buildings of Victorian and Edwardian, tour a historic downtown filled with skyscrapers and surprised by the Distillery District, an area famous for well-preserved group and maintain the most comprehensive collection of North American Victorian architecture in industry.
Vancouver. A city on the Pacific coast where many want to live to be one of the three global cities offering the best quality of life.