Ivan Pomareda - Active in the Instrument World

Ivan Pomareda is the founder of Pomareda Fine Guitars, a company that has forged a reputation of quality and excellence since its establishment in 2004. Ivan Pomareda doesn’t have your typical guitar maker’s story. He did not come from a reputable family of instrument-makers, but he did get the opportunity to apprentice for guitar luthier legend, Vernon Slaughter.

Ivan Pomareda could never have guessed that fortune would smile upon him in such a way. To be receiving guitar lessons from a man who trained under the great Jose Ramirez, creator of some of the world’s finest classical guitars. While Ivan Pomareda plays only a little bit of guitar, his craftsmanship when it comes to creating the instrument itself cannot be denied of its quality.

He achieved degrees in computer programming and history at the University of California Santa Cruz and worked in Silicon Valley for eleven years before moving to Kansas City to pursue his passion of guitar crafting. He crafts nylon string classical guitars and steel string acoustic guitars.

He spent fifteen years in California after growing up in Kansas. He worked for HelioCentric, a computer company in Silicon Valley, for quite some time. Over the course of his eleven years as a programmer had changed him somehow. He did not know what it was that had changed, but he knew that computer programming was not for him anymore. This lull in his computer programming career spurred him to open Pomareda Fine Guitars in Kansas City, seeing him rise to success as a guitar luthier.

Ivan Pomareda - Wanting Something Different

Ivan Pomareda found himself in a career that he didn’t much like doing anymore after he had graduated college. He is not alone in his indecision about which path to take in life, everyone has to make challenging decisions every day. Ivan Pomareda was at a crossroads in his life when he decided to take the hard way instead of the easy way. After eleven years of working with a company that valued his skills as a computer programmer, Ivan Pomareda decided make a switch.

Ivan Pomareda had recently met Vernon Slaughter, legendary guitar craftsman, at a University of California Santa Cruz Alumni Association meeting. He was inspired by the way Vernon Talked about classical guitars so Ivan decided to bring over a guitar that he had made to see what Vernon would say. Vernon didn’t like it much but decided to take Ivan Pomareda on as an apprentice.

Ivan Pomareda trained under Vernon Slaughter while he was working in Silicon Valley. He graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with two degrees, one in history and the other in computer science. He resigned from his job in Silicon Valley in 2003 and by 2004, had set up Pomareda Fine Guitars in Kansas City.

His time as a programmer had changed him in a way. He wasn’t entirely sure what it was that had changed, but he knew that computer programming was not for him anymore. The consistent routine that was commanded by his nine-to-five work schedule seemed to make the days drag on and on, prompting him to make the switch.

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