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Ivisplay is an independent video game-focused blog based in New York, New York. that was founded in May 2013. It is part of a new movement of online blogging that incorporates real time interaction within the user community. Players can interact with each other through an online interface that also allows them to exchange information or post to the forum within the community. |IVisplay is a hub that connects different gamin experiences and different techniques . The site features the latest and the greatest amongst both the console & tablet users. It's premiere purpose is to join global gamers to make one global community.
Ivisplay was created by Hanz Ivis. Being an advanced game developer he knew exactly what attributes to look for in a game. He knew what effects were innovative and which deserved real merit. Ivis has a great network of industry leaders and personal friends that have contributed to his success and the development of this new platform. Ivis began writing original editorials that were picked up by established gaming companies.
Ivisplay posts blogs a daily. He was among the first to break the PlayStation 3's record for most reputable searches of online game play blog posts. . Its original editorial work gained mainstream. Other works were picked up by social bookmarking sites like the satirical Ten Golden Rules of Online Gaming,
Ivisplay will be split up into six main sections: the Homepage where editors post daily news and reviews, the Community Blogs, the Videos section which consist of original skits and trailers, the chat Forums, the Buy/Sell area where community members trade games, and the Fight area where members can play games against each other.

Ivisplay realizes the gaming industry is no longer a child's world. Adults are a big piece of the pie, as games become more and more complex. Gone are the days of 2 button controllers, now they have 14 buttons and at least 4 of the buttons must be used simultaneously. Gamers can now share their tactics, tricks, skills and know how's in order to beat the game. Ivisplay realizes that there is a demand on how to reach the next level. People across the globe are simultaneously trying to figure out the same mysteries. Let us give them the opportunity to unite in these virtual communities and of course be the best they can be. Our fundamental goal is to create an online Comradrey, a community that shares all of your know how's and your to help your fellow mate evolve in his or her game.

Infinity Ward to Merge with Neversoft: May 2014 Announcement

IvisPlay began as a video game blog in May 2013, centered around the commentary of Hanz Ivis, a game developer and journalist. Since then, IvisPlay has grown to become a more ambitious project that seeks to bridge geographic boundaries between gamers and create a global community discussing the latest developments in the video-game industry.

In May 2014, the gaming press reported that Infinity Ward, developer of multiple games in the Call of Duty series, will absorb Neversoft, the developer of the Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk games. The merger came about after Infinity Ward and Neversoft partnered to develop the recent Call of Duty: Ghosts game.

The new studio will retain the Infinity Ward brand, due to that studio’s affiliation with the high-profile Call of Duty franchise. Several senior Neversoft executives, including its studio head and studio director, plan to depart the company in 2014 as a result. Dave Stohl, an executive vice president at parent company Activision, will take the lead at the new combined studio, with Steve Ackrich, currently the head of Infinity Ward, remaining in a senior position.

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