Ivory Coast

And why you should come

It can have some beautiful landscape, if you know were to look.

You could end up in a beach resort like this.

The National Anthem

Random Facts

Ivory Coast can also be know as CÔTE D'IVOIRE. Ivory Coast's de jure capital is Yamoussoukro and the biggest city is the port city of Abidjan.


You may need to learn some French. If you want to trade buy thing you may need to learn some Dyula. Dyula Is for people who do not understand French. Most Boys speak French because of schooling.


Ivory Coast has a wide range of music, some are African pop music, and French and U.S. rap. Ivory Coast has a strong local industry of pop and hip-hop musicians. Groups achieve local popularity by playing traditional music for the whole entire night , many nights in a row, for religious holidays. Local dance troupes perform mask dances that require considerable acrobatic skill and strength.


The Ivory Coast national soccer or what they call it "football" team nicknamed "Les Éléphants", shows Ivory Coast in international "football".

Ivory Coasts logo. They Have a Logo for there soccer team. They Also have Rugby


How does that look to you? Does it look good? You should try some all you have to do is come to Ivory Coast because we eat it.

A popular place to be is "basilica of our lady of peace" It is very important yo us.

Unlike America the head of state, has no term limits. So the Alassane Ouattara (Head Of State) could be the head of state until he dies. If they like him enough.