The Amazing Neil Armstrong

By Alex Jameson

Neil Alden Armstrong  was  born on 5 August 1930 in Auglaize ,Ohio. He was a Navy pilot from 1949-1952 and also engineered the planes. In 1996 he did his first space flight and he became an astronaut in 1962. When he stepped  on the moon he said "Thats one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind". He  died August 25 2012. He went  to Jesuit College at Geano also with another astronaut Giovanni Domenico, and received a degree as a mathematician .

Neil Armstrong was   the first American  man on the moon. He joined the Apollo 11 and became mission commander  and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom  investigating   the space shuttle disaster . Armstrong Hall  houses premier  facilities  training the next generation of scientists , engineers and policy makers. Mental floss recently published a collection  of six  of his  letters. These letters beautifully illustrate  his  intelligence, grace  and his comprehensive understanding of the  engineering that was  necessary  to travel to the moon and return, successfully.

Neil Armstrong  was the engineer for the Navy planes and helped in maintaining them. He also found ice on the moon and he knew it was water. He  also encouraged  other astronauts  to  walk on the moon. He had a fight in the spaceship on the moon because another astronaut wanted to be the first to walk on the moon.  

Neil Armstrong affected  our lives because he collected samples of rock and brought them back to Earth. He also  found   out that the moon is safe and won't harm them. He also encouraged  young kids and  adults  to walk on the  moon when they grow up.