Beautiful white Snow Leopard

by Anna Chronopoulos

Description: Snow leopards have a very nice soft grey coat. They have white fur on there belly. There limbs are marked with solid black or brown spots.                               HABITAT: Mountain steppes. Prefer mountain regions in winter.            

BIOME: An ice and snow biome.          

INTERESTING FACTS:  Snow Leopards are not able to roar like a lion or a tiger.  They can jump to 50 feet.  Their tail keeps them balanced.  

SHELTER:  They move to meadows and rocky areas during the summer months.

BIOLOGICAL RELATIONSHIPS:  Snow Leopards are solitary animals and the top predator in their range.  No other animals routinely benefit from the snow leopard in a symbiotic relationship with the exception with some birds or small carnivores that will occasionally scavenge their kills.                             

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