Heavy And Poisonous

Common Uses

Uses for lead are making plastic and batteries. It is also used for poison. Lead is also sound proof for people that want to be quiet. Lead is used a lot for building. Most of all it keeps out radiation and harmful waste. It also has a boiling point of 3,182 f.

Lead why take it?

Lead is an important element to have on a desolate planet. This is because it is very poisonous. You might be thinking why would I want something poisonous on my voyage and bring to another planet. Well you can use lead for defensive purposes. Since lead is also heavy it makes a pretty good material to build with too. Also its used for gun ammunition. It also has a boiling point of 3,182 f.

For a defensive perspective you can use it as a melee because of it is very strong and heavy. It would kill your enemy in one blow. In another aspects its used for ammunition for all guns. With this you can shoot your enemies. You can also poison them. On the building aspect most of every building material is made of lead and lead being heavy means that your house or building is very sound and stable. With all these good aspects someone will want to trade you for it.

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