One of the best place there is..

     Brazil is a nice place to come and enjoy life.  It a vacation in Brazil, there is many things to enjoy you go out to places and enjoy everything there is.

. Brazil is located in the eastern south America, bordering the Atlantic ocean.

. The amount of area of Brazil is 8,511,965sq km

. Amount of land area is 8,456,510

Brazil weather in June View Current Conditions

Weather Forecast Brasilia Brazil

Thursday, 24Partly CloudyMax: 28°C
Min: 19°CFriday, 25Partly CloudyMax: 28°C
Min: 19°CSaturday, 26Partly CloudyMax: 29°C
Min: 18°C

This is the weather coming up on June..

the climate is mostly  tropical, but the temperate  in south

mostly flat to rolling lowlands in north, some plains , hills , and mountains and more

             This is a soccer game. They enjoy what we enjoy too so you want miss home as you should but there is also many other things to enjoy not just soccer but going out to places also.

This is the Christ the Redeemer located in the tijuca forest  at the top of corcovado mountains it is the most recognize image.

         Brazil grocery shopping is a little different than in the United States. Even though in the United States there are some places that they dont sell the same. You can say that in Brazil you do a lot of walking.In Brazil there food prices are high so if you move you better have a lot of money in order to eat there. I was so shocked of the different of Brazil Mcdonald's and the U.S in the U.S the taste is non sense and much cheaper and unhealthier.

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