My favorite Brands are Nike , Tiffinay & Co , Apple , and Ralph Lauren.

These brands kept my loyalty after I bought their products or got them as a gift. My iPhone is an Apple product . I've had it for over a year and it last for a really long time even after numerous times of falling to the ground. Chipotle tastes so good is one of my favorite foods. Nike and Ralph Lauren clothes last longer than the other types of clothes I have. My moms favorite ring & my necklace are from Tiffinay & Co it barely has any damage. In order for these brands to lose me as a fan is if they have bad costumer service or if the product they sold me isn't satifying and not guaranteed.

The things popular logos have in common is that they always have color in it to catch the costomers eyes , they are always on billboards or they have commercials. What makes them memorable is that it's everywhere around us. It's on Tv , it's on a billboard that you'll see on your way to school or at the mall.

If I was to make a logo for myself I would make it short and simple. I would use the colors Black and Dark Blue since they are my favorite color. The logo I would use would be a flower since its pure and fresh . It would be a charity organization to help give back to a child in need.