The Aztecs.

who were the Aztecs? The aztecs were a tribe. According to their legends, in the northern modern part of Mexico in a city called Mesoamerica. The Aztecs was during the 12th century A.D. The Aztecs first came to Mesoamerica in the 13th century.  The Aztecs got their names because they wanted to be known as the western historians.

What kind of gods did they believe in?

Who did the Aztecs worship? The Aztecs worshiped? They worshiped the sun but there was only one sun but there were many sun-gods of many ages. It was basically a list of Mexican presidents, only that it was a little more complicated. The empire was actually a mosiac of many cultures, so it was a combination of more than one related religions.

What was the Aztec city like?

What was the Aztec city like? The capital of the Aztec empire was Tenochitlan. The city was divided into four city sections called campans. The city was like an island, there was water around the whole city. All the building there looked like stairs.

What did Aztecs eat?

What did Aztecs eat? Aztecs mainly ate corn off the cob and they would use the kernels for pozole. pozole was a type of soup that many spanish people eat. The corn was usua;y combined with vegetables, wrapped up in corn husks, and then they would steam them and make tamales. Tamales were a recangular shaped food made of maiz and would have meat or anythinig inside it.

How did the Aztecs dress?

How did the Aztecs dress? They wore full armour all over their body but they only exposed their faces. The clothes that they had that were not armour were made of cotton.

What did their warriors look like?

Their warriors looked like strong men in a lot of armour. Trainning for Aztec warriors started when men turned 17. Actually tranning was on the battlefield.  No matter what their prospects for a career were. Astronomy, rhetoric, poetry, history, and of course religion would all be important subjects in school.

How did they get thier food?

The Aztecs got their food buy farming for themselves. They almost always used maize for their food. Maize is also known as corn or mealies. Maize was a huge thing for the Aztecs. If there was not maize, the Aztecs would probably die of hunger.

The Aztec map.

A timeline of the Aztec's history.

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