Glass Castle Project
By: Alyssa VanGundy


The  theme throughout the book would be the idea of shame. Jeannette  is ashamed the way her parents live. They are a family with not a lot of money. She is ashamed by what her what family does, such as digging in the trash. When Jeannette saw her mom she ducked down so that she couldn't see her.


Another theme in The Glass Castle is loyalty. Even though the family came across some bad turns, they always stood together. They always focused on what was best for the entire family. For an example when Jeannette was coming home from school and she got jumped, her brother then went to the alley with her to help her fight against them.


Introduction-The family is moving from town to town. Jeannette is growing up in the desert. She is enchanted by the limitless bounds of nature and fantasies her father dreams up for her and her siblings.

Rising Action- Welch, West Virginia. The Walls were already to get out of Welch before they even got there. Things got so bad that Lori and Jeannette realize to have a stable life they need to move some where so they saved there money to sight out on New York.

Climax- Everyone ends up relocating from Welch to New York in an attempt to be liberate. Everyone is living independently until Rose Mary and Rex are living in Manhattan in a van. The children are unable to take the burden of hosting their parents anymore.

Falling Action- They end up squatters in an abandoned apartment until Rex dies of a heart attack.

Resolution- Jeannette has finally reconciled her past and present and no longer feels the need to hide behind lies or half-truths.    


Jeanette- Jeanette is the narrator as well as being the second oldest child in the Walls family. Her and her father, Rex, are very close; she is the only one who really has faith in him. Out of all of the children she is her fathers favorite. She is a very hard-working and intelligent child who has many dreams and aspirations. One of which is becoming a journalist in New York City; which she later accomplishes. As Jeannette was growing up, she was forced to become self-sufficient, because of her rough upcoming. As for her intelligence, she is extremely smart for her age and learned to read and write at a young age.

Rose Mary Walls-

Rose Mary is the mother of Lori, Jeanette, Brian, and Maureen. She is married to the children's father, Rex Walls. She is very committed to her art work, and sees that as being the most important aspect of her life. She is constantly working on and comparing her art to other artwork. Rose Mary is a very selfish and irresponsible mother, who never really wanted children. Rather than getting a teaching job to provide for her family, she chooses to work on her artwork. When Jeannette and Brian found a diamond ring around the house, Rose Mary selfishly insisted on keeping it rather than selling it for food for her children.

Rex Walls-

Rex is the father of Lori, Jeanette, Brian, and Maureen. He is married to the children's mother, Rose Mary Walls. Rex is an highly intelligent man, who one day dreams of building his family a glass castle; just like his and Jeanette's blueprints. Throughout the story Rex struggles with alcoholism, and the inability to provide for his rather large family. Jeanette is Rex's favorite child because she has unconditional faith in him and his dreams. He cares more about drinking and alcohol, than the wellbeing of his family. At the end of the story he passes away from a heart attack.


Tuscon, Arizona- Jeanette's birth place. When Jeanette was three, she caught on fire while she was cooking hot dogs.

San Francisco, California- The family moved into a hotel there. The hotel caught on fire, so they had to leave.

Las Vegas, Nevada- The family moved here and lived in a hotel. The family has to "skedaddle" and get out of the town quick. On the way there, Jeanette fell out of the car while they were going over the railroad tracks but her parents came back and got her.

Welch, West Virginia is where the Walls family lived for a little while, and it is where filmmakers told Lori she should move to New York.


“In my mind, Dad was perfect, although he did have what Mom called a bit of a drinking situation.” (page 23) -Jeannette begins to tell her relationship with her father.

" If your don't want to sink, you better learn how to swim." (page 66)
That quote mostly means that if you don't want help or do something wrong then you have to figure out how to do it on your own.

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