By: Jordan Tilley

Population: 3,432,000

National Language: Spanish

Money: Uruguayan peso

Capital: Montevideo

Neighbor countries: Brazil and Argentina  

This is a map of Uruguay's major and minor cities.

Famous places

       Some of the famous places in Uruguay are the Plaza Independencia It is the most famous plaza in the country and it's located in Montevideo. Plaza Independencia is spanish for Plaza independence. The plaza was made in 1830s.

      Another famous place in Uruguay is the Estadio Gran Parque Central soccer field. It's the most famous soccer field in the country and is home to the Charrúas or the sky of blue. The soccer team won the FIFA world cup in 1930 as the host team.

The last famous place is the national museum of visual arts. The museum is home to some the most visual arts in the country. They also have some of the most famou paintings in the world.

Food and Drinks

One of the most famous foods in Uruguay is asado. Uruguayan barbecue, asado, is one of the best tasting and famous in the world. A sweet paste, dulce de leche, is used to fill cookies, cakes, pancakes, milhojas, and alfajores. Some of the drinks that Uruguay is best for is wine. Clericó is one of the most popular wines there. It's a wine mixed with fruit juice. Another famous drink is the medio y medio. It's half dry white wine and half champagne.

Country language

Some of the special expressions in the country is (guri) which means kid or child. Another expression is (¿mirá?) which means oh yeah, really? Another expression is (a grito pelao) which means very loud.

Climate and Geography

The climate in Uruguay is mild because it's in a zero temp. zone which means the area is warm or mild. The geography in Uruguay is mostly flat and is next to the Atlantic ocean.

This is a photo of the country's flag.

This is a photo of the country's capital Montevideo.

This is a photo of the Uruguay soccer team winning a soccer tournament.

This is a photo of a famous rock that looks like a giant wave.