World War l


Thunderstorms produce fast winds heavy rain and sometimes even hail.

How ThunderStorms Form?

They form from moist, clouds are made my moist. It also makes rain and when the clouds get to big it makes a thunderstorm. With all the heavy rain and the fast winds.

How Can You Prevent From Having A ThunderStorm?

Stay away form electrical things\ objects. Have a safety kit like a flash light, water etc.. Stay away from a place that has windows.

This is a WW1 British wings of glory plane!

How Did Air Battles Help Us In WWl?

Planes were originally used for eyes in the sky to see were the enemy was and were they were shooting. The Royal Air Force, AKA.. Britain had over 22,000 men in planes most of them became hero's. Also Germany had slow bomber planes so Britain's fast flying planes could easily get the German bombers, but Germany also had the fokker triple plane it was not a bomber but it was slow.

The 29th Division

How Many Men Did A Division Have?

A normal division had a total of 18,000 men sometimes even more. Most divisions had 3 or 4 cannons and they had about 5,000 horse a lot of them died or got hurt from either getting shot running into traps. Some of them died from pulling the cannons. The Germans used the horse for carrying stuff around when the horse pulled the cannons if they couldn't pull anymore the Germans would shoot them!

Some of the equipment the Germans had

What were some of the Germany equipment?

Most German soldiers had a bayonet a Mauser rifle, ammunition, Gear, a trenching tool, grenades and more. Heavy machine gun men had all that but instead of a rifle they had a big machine gun. The machine gun was ether carried around or in a trench.

How Does This Historical Event Impact Our Lives Today? What Lesson Did We Learn From The Event?

We learned to try to work together with colors “black and white” and except everyone so we don't have another war. We also learned that you have to. In WWl there was millions of people that died, thats a lesson we learned

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