"Las Fallas" a.k.a "The Fires"
By: Dawson Wright

What is Las Fallas

What is Las Fallas?

Las Fallas is a yearly festival that  consists of fireworks and large paper-machè figures, called fallas. Each day starts off with a brass band coming out at 8 a.m. and playing music through the streets. At 2 p.m. everyday coordinated fireworks are shot of in each neighborhood. On the first day of the celebration, everybody that is building a fallas has to stop their construction. If they don't stop working on the fallas, then they are disqualified from the award ceremony. On the 15th through 18th of March, a large firework show occurs each night, which becomes grander every night. On the final night of Las Fallas people dress in costumes and crowd the streets to look at the parade of the falles. During the parade fireworks are lit, music is played, and street performances occur. At midnight, all of the falles are lit aflame and the people dance through the streets.

Where does Las Fallas Occur?

Las Fallas takes place in the city of Valencia, in Spain.

When does Las Fallas take place

Las Fallas takes place between the 15th and the 19th of March.

Why do people celebrate Las Fallas?

People celebrate Las Fallas in commemoration of Saint Joseph's Day.

How do people celebrate Las Fallas?

People celebrate Las Fallas by lighting fireworks, wearing costumes, watching the final parade, or by dancing in celebration.