Temperature Deponds on Particle Movement.

Lemonade Particles are slower than hot chocolates particles due to the heat of the drink.

Kinetic theory of matter say that the things make up matter are always in motion. Those things that are always in motion are called particles. Particles in solids are right next to each other vibrating. Then a liquid slides by another but is not fully free unlikes a gas. A gas is free to move around as it pleases.

Temperature is a measure of kinetic energys particles in any givin object. The temperature is measured in 2 red lines called Fahrenheit and Celsius. An example is if you check the temperature is could say 49 degress C (120 F). To check that temperature you check the device called a thermometer.

This is a picture of how solid, liquids, and gases particles move.

A thermometer is liquid filled. The liquid in the thermometer goes up when the temperature goes up and the liquid goes down when the temperature goes down. This is called thermal expansion. Not just in thermometers does liquid expansion happen but in all gases, most solids, and a few solids. Thermal expansion happens in solids because at higher temperatures the particles vibrate more. Thermal expansion affects steel and concrete so builders/engineers have to keep thermal expansion in mind. So ipif it was a hot day and you were pouring concrete on a new sidewalk and it was harding so you have to keep it wet so it does not expand due to thermal expansion.

During the making of the Gateway Arch the people building had to keep thermal expansion in mind while bulidng

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