Final Project Mexico-Florida

Hi. I met some friends from Florida in my English class. They are Nia Harmon, Samantha Hatcher, Laura Wiedenhoever and Chanyce Williams, and they are from Tallahassee, Florida. They like to eat ice cream, salmon, etc. They also like to swim, listen to music, play the piano and saxophone, crochet, do yoga, running, biking, writting, gardening, etc. But they don’t like some teachers, social and politic problems, such as injustice, driscrimination (racism) among others. Their school is James S. Richards High School and has eight buildings and are for clases of English, social studies, music, art workshop, cafetería, library and auditorium. There is also a big parking for students and a sports court. They have classes of English, Calculation, Philosophy, Theory of knowledge, Chemistry, Spanish, Music, etc.

The typical food are burgers, hot dogs and potatoes fried. Their favourite holidays are America’s Independence Day and Thanksgiving.

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