Types of Speeds

Constant Speed

1. Define: to maintain the same speed over time

2. Example: a car drove at 45 miles per hour for 5 hours

3. comparison: a hair dryer stays the same speed.

Variable Speed

1. Define: different speeds

2. Example: One car was going 45 miles per hour and another car was going 50 and another at 47 miles per hour.

3. Analogy: a chameleon changes color.      

Average Speed

1. Definition: overall speed of many different speeds

2. Example: The average speed is 55 miles per hour

3. Analogy: the average minimum wage payment is $7.25 per hour

Instantaneous Speed

1. Definition: The speed something is going  at a certain time

2. Example: the car was going 45 mph at 5:00

3.Analogy: the alarm clock goes off at 12 o'clock