Clarion Angelfish

by: Daniella Ureste and Jessica Mitchelle 6th

The clarion angelfish is a colorful 8 cm fish.

It lives in clear rocky reef shallow waters around the Islands of Mexico in the north american continent . They have a very limited habitat and climate change is threatening that.

The little fish eats algae, sponges, tunicates, small invertebrates and also pick off of the dead animals skin that lay ate the bottom of the ocean.

Bigger fishes like sharks, whales, and squids eat this little fish.

This little creature is endangered because of climate change. They only can survive in a 5 degree range so anything hotter or cooler then their range will kill them.

Because of this, there are less than 7,000 of these fish left in the world. The Clarion Angelfish  is vulnerable. The only reason that they are still any left is that people buy them and put them in sanctuarys and help them to survive and  keep reproducing.