Intrauterine Contraception

By Destany and Bree

Information About Intrauterine Contraception

-Intrauterine Contraception is placed in the uterus. It protects a female from getting pregnant. Can can stay inside the vagina for several years.

-It is only used for females only.

-It stops the process of the sperm meeting the egg.It may also prevent the fertilized egg from attaching to the lining of the uterus.(kills sperm)

- Around 6-8 women in 1000 will become pregnant after a year of this method.
The Effects of the item

-The effects are Heavy painful periods, Infection, Ectopic pregnancy,Expulsion, and last, but not least Damage to the womb.


6% of failure 99% positive effect


It does NOT protect against STDS. It does not effect the sexual life for the male or female.

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