The Independent Republic of Daschiri

و التوازن يكون إلى الأبد أكبر من السعادة

"Balance will forever be greater than happiness."

The Flag of Daschiri

Blue-found in the flag to represent the balance provided to the people

Yellow-represents the energy each citizen receives to formulate the perfect balance

Purple-defines the royalty, emotional balance, and respect the citizens have towards each other and to the government

Showing gratitude towards the Great Master Alduin, the snake represents his influence in the Independent Republic of Daschiri.

The Constitution of I.R of Daschiri

Constitution of

Independent Republic of Daschiri



Independent Republic of Daschiri.



The purpose of our country is to provide power, money, and equality amongst its citizens.

The Republic of Daschiri’s goal is to distribute the power amongst everybody and giving everybody the right to be heard.


Government requires an equal treatment of all its citizens. It is a crime to go against one another, including any sort of riot or protest. What one is given is what they shall receive, without complaint nor any comparison. Envy and greed are punishable crimes, for they threaten to disrupt the balance within the country.


The Great Master of Alduin is in charge of the the Independent Republic of Daschiri. He was brought into power due to his wealthy family and background. Despite him not being elected, the people of Daschiri love and appreciate him for his contributions in creating a balanced country. His contributions include equality amongst people and teaching the appropriate behavior and actions of the people.


The government promises its people power, money, and most of all, equality. The government teaches the people how to act and what is expected from them. They shall give/reward its people as they see fit, based on their appreciation and loyalty to the country. The citizens are expected not to speak out against the government as well as to not form any sort of protest against one another. They are to be grateful and appreciative of the money, opportunities, and anything the government provides for them. All of this is to keep the country in order and to sustain a balance.


  1. The feeling of superiority will be punished hence everyone is equal.
  2. One cannot speak out against the government nor protest in any shape or form.
  3. If special treatment is given towards a citizen by another citizen, it will be punished.
  4. The truth must be given at all times when asked, no exceptions
  5. Every citizen that works must receive an equal amount of money as its co-workers.
  6. Minors over the age of eight years and under twenty-one years old must attend school.
  7. The feeling of envy and greed are disruptive towards the balance of society, therefore they will not be tolerated.
  8. Gender, race, and ethnicity do not matter in our society, every citizen will be treated the same.
  9. Violence is prohibited in any of its forms.
  10. Inappropriate behavior is unacceptable, citizens have to act properly at all times.


The Independent Republic of Daschiri has three levels of education: simple, regular, and complex.The simple level of education is mainly focused on teaching the students the history of Great Master Alduin. They are taught the principles of the nation, and the correct behavior they must have. In the regular level. they are taught the basic mathematics. They also learn a variety of sciences and languages.The complex level, however, teaches in a different aspect. In this level, students get assigned their lifetime jobs, and must master it in order to graduate. The student will take an aptitude test that will determine the level. After three years of being in that chosen level, they may take the test again. Children under eight years old are not allowed to attend any of the three levels. If the child is under eight years old and has a parent that is part of the education system, they may ask for private schooling. All types of of education are paid through the parent’s work. If a person over eight years old, but under twenty-one years old refuses to attend to school, they are required to go to the Education Center, to be taught the missed information. Anyone older twenty-one cannot attend school. The age at which the student finishes is irrelevant, unless is after the twenty-first birthday. If a person does not graduate before the appropriate age, they will be going to a working camp. No exceptions are accepted, equality for everyone.


The flag of Independent Republic of Daschiri has three colors: blue, yellow, and purple. The blue found in the flag represents the balance provided to the people. The yellow of the flag is the energy each citizen receives to formulate the perfect balance. Purple defines the royalty, emotional balance, and respect the citizens have towards each other and to the government. Showing gratitude towards the Great Master Alduin, the snake represents his influence in the Independent Republic of Daschiri.


The country is run by the Great Master Alduin. He will give the people the right of equality in all forms, he will provide financial balance to all its citizens, and the voices of the people are ensured to be heard.

Figurehead Alduin

The Story of Our Great Leader

Who is Daschiri's great leader? The Great Master Alduin, loved and appreciated by everyone in the country, is the embodiment the Independent Republic of Daschiri. Alduin, born and raised in Daschiri, grew up in a wealthy home. Alduin's father, Asim, died when Alduin was the age of three, leaving his uncle Aaryan, former ruler of Daschiri, to take Alduin in and raise him himself. Alduin never knew what life was like without money and power. Nor did he take into consideration how life could differ from his own without being raised into a powerful home. This was the only bit of information citizens had that was indeed a fact. Alduin's childhood and personal information has been kept private. Nobody even knows the woman who gave birth to The Great Master. However, theories claim that Alduin had become accustomed to the wealth and the teachings from his uncle. With this, they say Great Master Alduin was isolated from others as a child, and quite lonesome, for he only had his uncle and pet snake. It has also been said that Alduin grew up listening to his uncle's struggles of trying to maintain an equal and balanced country. As the power was transferred, and Alduin became next in line to rule the country, it became his main goal to keep the country balanced in every way. In order to obtain what his uncle had so long struggled for, as well as to impress him. Thus, creating the laws and lifestyle citizens of Daschiri follow today. Alduin became The Great Leader as he helps all his people to sustain that peace. While everyone knows Alduin, sees him and hears the words that has believed to come out his mouth, no one knows him personally. Except, this personal information is not needed, for everyone can see the kind and honorable man Alduin is. Through his actions and strive for an equal republic, everyone praises him. Thankful for him and what he has provided to each of Daschiri's citizens. Nobody is to interrogate him for information, as it is seen as rude and disrespectful to The Great Master Alduin, although not Daschiri's first ruler, will forever be seen as The Great Master by all its citizens.

National Anthem

To the Independent Republic of Daschiri

One should never challenge

To disrupt our country's balance.

To love and to honor

And thank Our Great Master Alduin.

The eductaion, money, and power

The new opportunities for all the people.

Our Master and our snake

Slithering to make our country's path

Guiding and teaching Daschiri's citizens.


A main factor to our balance.

Balance equals peace, order

And balance will forever be

Greater than happiness.

Propaganda Posters

Educational Centers

The Education Center of Independent Republic of Daschiri focuses on teaching the disrupting citizens the norms of the country. Each citizen receives a different treatment depending on the crime they had committed. Although the country is based on equality, exceptions apply to the Ministry of Love since not all crimes are the same.

The Education Center handles minors who refuse to attend school at the designated age. Depending on the level they are supposed to be tested, the government will handle each minor differently. When the citizen belongs to the Simple Level of education, the ministry will be in charge to teach the lessons that were missed during the student’s absence. During that time, proper behavior will be enforced, and it is expected for the student to be released with a new attitude. As the levels of education advanced, so will the punishment. When the student belongs to the Regular Level of education, the government will teach the lessons that were missed, re-teach the proper behaviors and guidelines of a citizen of I.R of Daschiri. The citizen is expect to leave the Ministry of Love as a renewed person, and to continue its studies as such. However, when the criminal is a student of the Complex Level, it is not as simple. The same goes for this stage: re-teach the missed lessons, the guidelines and behavior of a citizen of I.R. of Daschiri, yet since is the last phase of education so it is the punishment. The student will be taught their profession and will have to master it during the acquired time. There will not be time added to the education after it is released from the Education Center. Just like any other citizen, it is expect for the citizen to have a renewed attitude and to continue life in a balanced manner.

Although the Education Center of the country mainly focuses on scholars, it also focuses on other criminals of the country. For those who disrupted the balance of Daschiri, they will be taught the proper way of how the life in the I.R of Daschiri is. There will be no exceptions towards the methods of teachings that will be used. When the citizen is released, they will have renewed attitude, and will show gratitude towards the Great Master Alduin.


Giselle Nevarez and Ysabel Sarabia

6th period