Shadow Puppet

Turn photos into video stories that come to life!


Shadow Puppet is an extremely simple app that can be used to create a movie, slideshow, or presentation.  The creation process is simple: select images from your camera roll, record your voice talking about the images, then share.

With Shadow Puppet, your images are interactive.  You can tap areas of your picture to highlight them with a yellow star,  swipe between images, zoom in/out, and pan your photos.

Exporting is as simple as the creation.  An .mp4 video file is saved to your camera roll.  You can send this via email, text, or upload to YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram.  A url is also created, which can be shared via email or posted in your classroom dropbox.


Teachers can quickly and easily explain lessons using pictures and words in a matter of minutes.  This app can also be used to explain complex concepts or provide a discussion prompt.  If you have a discussion board on Blackboard or Schoology, you can use this app with pictures and a voice-over to start a discussion and students can comment.

For students, this is a great creation tool for a quick bell ringer or ticket out the door.   It's also an easy way for students to document a group project.

Click the links below to see examples created by Coppell 9th Graders.  We used these as an introduction to their bigger project.  They were posted to an online discussion board, watched in class, then commented on by their peers to help give them ideas for their final project.

Below are some other ideas for using this app in Social Studies:

* Create mock advertisement for historical services

* Tell what you would do if you were president

* Share the history of a city, state or country

* Pretend to be a historical figure and share your thoughts on an issue

* Summarize a historical event describing beginning, middle and end