By: Anita and Danielle

The Pest Life

Scale bugs are red/brown round pests. Females- 1/10" diameter, wingless, circular or oval Males: 1/10" diameter, 1 pair of wings, circular or oval,


Symptoms: scales or shell-like bump on stem and underside of leaves, poor growth, white patches, sooty mold, pink or brown raised dome (3-5mm), white waxy fibers

Contributes to: fruit being unmarkable or lower in value, premature leaf droppings due to inefficient photosynthesis, lead to weaker growth, smaller crops next season

Bio Control: attempted during summer in green house with parasite wasp. Metaphycus Helvolus. wasps, ants, bellies

Chem. Control: spray newly hatched nymphs in late June or July, horticultural oil, systemic insecticides

Biological Control: good growing conditions, proper irrigation, prune off heavily infested twigs and branches, make a head factor

Problems by the pest: yellowing leaves and ultimately death

Untreated: produces up to 1000 death

Materials to eliminate: Pruners $28.90 Bonide Systemic Insect Control $23.45 Hort. Oil $10.95

irrigation- highgrade PVC conduit, risers, sprinkler heads, PVC system when installing underground $00.25 per sq. ft. to install usually $1200-$1600 repairs- $25-40 per hour repair and part cost