Dependable leaders are always on time, never make excuses, and stay on the job until it's done, regardless of obstacles. Sometimes, they have to make personal sacrifices. They clearly state their ideas and thoughts during decision making, and once the decision is made, they work to complete whatever they have to do.

Leaders Who Are Dependable

Christine Young: Director of operations of the Boys & Girls Club in Plymouth.  Christine Young was fighting cancer in 2013, and even though doctors told her to stay away from work to keep away from any sicknesses the kids may have, she still went.  She scheduled her chemotherapy around her work days, just so she could come and be with the kids.  “I had three days to get myself together because I have to be with those kids, because a lot of them don’t have a consistent adult in their lives, someone they can count on,” Young said.  This shows how she made personal sacrifices so the kids could have someone to depend on.

Tom Brady: Quarterback of the Patriots. Even when his team is losing, he does not give up and continues to play his best and encourage his team. This shows he is dependable because he continues to work on getting the job done, despite all the ups and downs that occur along the way.

General Joe Dunford: Commander of the U.S forces in Afghanistan. He is a very good example of a dependable leader because he leads his troops through battle every day. His troops have to be able to depend on him and trust him in order to go out into battle. And they do, which is why he is so successful.

Martin Luther King Jr.: Leader of the Civil Rights Movement. He sacrificed his safety for the people struggling against racism during that time by making public speeches about equality. Even though he was assassinated for standing up for what he believed in, he was a very influential leader when he was alive. People looked up to him and depended on him to continue fighting for civil rights.

Barack Obama: President of the United States. Without him leading our country, we would have no one to advise us on what to do in certain situations. Obama is a dependable because he is constantly traveling and working for his job, and striving to make changes for the better. The U.S is dependent on him to make the right decisions.

Malcolm Butler:

In the video, it is clear that Malcolm is a dependable leader.  Even though he was a bench player, and the game almost seemed over, he overcame that obstacle, and decided to work on completing the job of winning no matter what it took.  He is an inspiration to many sports players who watched him make that play.

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