Venite Aquae Sulis!


        Aquae Sulis is a town near the river of Avon.It is a small town with a growing community. There are buildings to see such as the basilica for the administration of law and local government, theaters, and you can come visit the temple! While you're here, stay at an inn with many of our other town visitors.


      While you are in Aquae Sulis, come visit the temple and witness the mysterious steaming waters that fill it. The temple was constructed near the bath buildings and it has the spring enclosed in it. It was built with a cella,(a porch with Corinthian columns),  and an alter stands out front.

A drawing of the temple's pediment depicting a Celtic man


      While you visit you can visit the baths and witness the steaming water rising from the largest of the three plunge baths , now called the Great Bath. The hot water emerges from underground at a rate of over a quarter of a million gallons a day and has a temperature between 102 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. There are three main plunge baths filled with a constant supply of water. The water is carried from the spring to the baths using lead pipes.

      The spring was a sacred place that the Celts used to worship their goddess Sulis and believed the water would cure their illness. Many items have been found in the spring including coins, jewelry and silver.


Objects thrown into the spring

    The bath complex is one of the wonders of Great Britain and we recommend you come visit it during your stay!

Other things to do in Aquae Sulis

    The Roman baths were like leisure rooms so not only do you get clean but you can socialize with friends, or eat a snack such as oysters, fruits, and cakes. You can play board games like tabula, or play ball games like trigon.

   The average temperature here is from 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit year round, so a beautiful climate to be outside. You can also go to town, shop, and visit the theatre.

Ten facts

1. Aquae Sulis est in Britannia.

2. Aquae Sulis est nobilis pro thermae.

3. Aquae Sulis est urbs prope River Avon.

4. Templum aedecabatur prope thermae.

5. Romani consumunt costa, caprificus et pane.

6. Romani video pantomima, pantomimus.

7. Romani mitto aurum in thermis.

8. Templum est solemnis locus.

9. Ibi est cibus et vinum in thermis.

10. Ibi est theatrum in Aquae Sulis.


      We recommend you stay for at least a weekend but hopefully more! Here is a sample itinerary of a wonderful weekend in Aquae Sulis.

Friday (dies Veneris): Arrive in the beautiful town of Aquae Sulis and settle down at your inn. Have a nice small lunch of cooked meat, vegetables, and bread. We recommend to eat prandium around noon and keep it light. After that go into to town to shop, and get to know the city. If that's not what you want to do, you can go to the baths and wash off, and hangout, before you go home for dinner and bed.

Saturday (dies Saturni):  Wake up and eat a breakfast of bread, vegetables, and fruit with honey. Get ready for the day and head to the theatre to see a pantomime. When it's done maybe stay outside and walk around with family or friends to enjoy our beautiful weather and scenery. Head back home for a delicious cena of boar, chicken, or goat, with fruits, vegetables, bread and wine.

Sunday (dies Solis): Wake up and pack up before you leave for you last day here. Before you leave you must visit the beautiful temple, a focal point for worship, and see its architecture. Eat a good meal before you head out to return home.

We really hope you will enjoy your stay here and hope to see you soon!

The senate and people of Rome


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