Bleona is about to Become a Household Name

Yes, she’s brash. And yes, she can be a little petulant and a bit spoiled sometimes, but Bleona could care less what the critics think, because being these things have brought her to exactly where she wants to be: in America, ready to show the American viewing public what she has to offer. After years of European tours and entertaining thousands of adoring fans every night, Bleona is about to become an American household name.

Starring in the new reality show “Euros of Hollywood” Monday nights on Bravo, Bleona matches wits with five other Euro-egos who find themselves in all sorts of comedic Hollywood mishaps. Sure to be a smash hit among Americans who already harbor an insatiable lust for celebrity reality TV, “Euros of Hollywood” is exactly the avenue Bleona needs to propel her status into the realm of Superstardom.

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