Australian interpretation of the documentary

America is one of the fattest countries in the world, with the average man weighing 88 kg. Americans know that fast food is bad for you, as it is said in so many advertisements and taught in schools what this food does to your body. It isn’t entirely the Americans fault, as fast food stores are taking over America, with so many stores around, it’s easy to get a good tasting and cheap meal.

An Australian perspective on this documentary is that we are rapidly becoming a fatter country and that we can’t let fast food stores expand any more, otherwise we too, will be flooded with fast food stores around Australian states and we will soon become like America. To help prevent this problem we need to launch health campaigns to schools and families, advertisements and get fast food stores to put nutrition sheets to inform the buyers what they are putting in their body. Doing this will help spread the word of all the dangers this food does to your body and that hopefully In the future we can decrease the number of obese people in Australia.

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