Wet Sand

During our trip to Ireland, we spent good time at the beach. But... not any beach! The one where the sand is always wet... Indeed, it was always raining in Portmarnock!

Whatever! We had, of course, a lot of fun there. In the evening, most of us came to the beach; everybody was singing, dancing, having fun, and, for some, running... a lot, just like crazy people.

Worse? Some of us swam in the icy sea. A chance that everybody didn't get sick! Anyway, it was cool.

You know, some people made strange things at the beach, like to catch a jellyfish and put it in a sock, make it twirl and throw it in the sea! Or... a funny fight, with algae! Look at that!

I have to say, the beach was, i thought, a nice place, and there were beautiful shells! So, I took a one to have a few memories of these amazing week spent with you all.

Sincerely, it was wonderful.

I just want to say a massive thank you.

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