Cloud 9

by: Raiven Mortera & Kristian Belleza

For our phase 3, we did not make any changes to the graph that can be identified as significant. We mainly just changed the equation inputs into desmos so that the image will come out correctly. These changes include the changing of theta=pi/2 to vertical lines with x and y variables. The rose graphs represent the dreamlike and surreal feeling of being in cloud 9. The vertical line symbolize the endless possibilities that come from reaching for the sky. The circles represent the limitations that we are put through in society, yet we can overcome each one of them and continue to prosper. Finally the lemnistate graphs show the unity of people as a whole, all journeying towards success.

We experimented mathematically by calculating different equations in order to create an image that will symbolize our individually and freedom. In doing this assignment, we were able to hone our skills at mathematics, and gain a further and deeper understanding of the lessons that you have been teaching for the past weeks. This was an enjoyable project, aside from the fact that our takk had expired and we had not know that it had, causing us to 're-do' the assignment, but overall it was a good learning experience and it further exposed us to new materials.

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