Endangerd:On the road to exiction

Endangerd Species :Lemurs
By Riley Cresswell

Turtles.White Rihinos.Red Pandas.Oh my! All these animals are cute but also endangerd.If you are thinking how could these animals are endangerd?How could anyone kill them? Well,people are killing them and not even noticing by polloution and Ileagle Hunting.For the exsample people are killing the lemur by destruction in Madagascar,Afirca but the lemur do have ways to survive that are called adaptions.One of the lemur adaptions are jumping high.For a exsample the Ring tailed lemur back legs are longer than the front legs witch give the lemur a better jump.

You might think what do lemurs eats? The lemur is a obivore so the lemur eats meat and plants.If the lemur dont gets the food they need they will slow down witch makes the lemur easier to catch by its predeter (Fossa) witch is also endangerd by the same reason of the lemur.The biodiverstdy is also low because  there predetors are eating them.Many of there predeters are also endangerd because the same reason.

The Lemurs first came around about 160 years years ago when the conitant Afirca was called Gondwannaland  witch was much bigger because it was connected to South America,Antarica,Austrailia and India. The first lemur fossil found was about 60 years ago in Afirca where they were safe than the humans populated in Madagascar  and the bioversidy went down to 60 taxa.The lemur are aboreal witch means (Live in trees) the only lemur that does not live in trees is the Pygmy mouse lemur witch is the smallest lemur.

These animals are amazing but we have to take care of them by not pollouiting,Hunting,keeping as exotic pets, and alot more.The Bioversty is very low with ony 60 verta of lemurs.But if the lemur go exict there might be a evoloution but they are very rare to have one. So we cant offord to lose another animal because without animals we would not be on earth.There have been 5 mass exictions and thats anoth the only reasons why animals are exict is humans it will be good to only be locally exict not totally exict.More than 90% of animals are exict imagen having that 90% back it will be a new diffrent world.At lease we are trying by having Centers for endangerd animls but the lemurs are still the forth most endangerd animal in the world.If we keep this stuff up we will become exict as well with the animals. We only have a 10% chance to turn this problom around.

By Riley Cresswell

Above is a family of ring tailed lemur