November Technology Inservice

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Thursday, November 6 (RSE)
Moby Max Writing

Creating and assigning online writing prompts has never been easier using Moby Max Writing Module. Writing with Moby Max offers the complete submission-revision-grading system for any type of essay, report, or research paper.

Monday, November 10 (RSM)
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

The mobile device explosion has great opportunity to impact learning in our classrooms! The first hour of this session will focus on classroom management strategies. The second (optional ) hour of this session will focus on productivity tools for students and instructional tools for teachers.

Monday, November 24 (RSM)
Technology with TEAM: Academic Feedback and Questioning

In this session, participants will be introduced to technology tools and strategies that will incorporate using a balanced mix of high quality questions and providing high-quality academic feedback to students. Teachers will also be directed to resources that will assist them with learning more about asking purposeful questions.