Maxwell Reamer

Okay for Now

Character Analysis

Doug Sweiteck is a dynamic character, meaning he changes throughout the story. At the beginning he gets told that he is going to have to move to "Stupid Marysville". As a 7th grader who is going to be an 8th grader at the start of next fall a move would be very difficult. Doug didn't realize that moving could give him a fresh start but Doug started off having a bad attitude about everything that was happening around him and that everyone was out to get him. "The So-Called-Gym teacher eyed me from the other corner of the matt," when he was probably just looking in his general direction (Schmidt 200). Another example if a teacher would say anything to him during class, they would get into an argument and Doug would have to go see Principal Peattie, which Doug thought was out to get him. Throughout the story Doug started to change his outlook on things. Doug didn't always get mad when teachers said something to him and he wouldn't think new things are "stupid". So maybe Doug finally realized that "Stupid Marysville" wasn't that bad after all.

Setting Analysis

The setting plays a huge role in this book. The setting goes along with all that's going on in his life and make the reader feel more for Doug's problems, "I hate this town" (Schmidt 58).For example, when Doug first gets the job and has to deliver to Ms. Wilbendon's house, which according to Lil Spicer Ms. Wilbendon is "scary". But Doug has to walk a huge field to get to her house. Doug also has to move. At the beginning of the story when we learn about all that is going on in Doug's life and all the problems he is facing; then we learn that he has to move to Marysville. Which is the last place he wanted to move to. Without a doubt, the places and the surroundings Doug has to face really affects the story.

Thematic Analysis

The theme of this song is that life always figures itself out. Doug had a pretty rough life at the beginning of this book. He had an abusive father and had to move to a new school. He also had a brother that was in the army and was sent to serve. But no matter how hard is life seemed it could always have been worse. He realized that when he was telling his gym teacher about his brothers nightmares, because he said that he has of had those nightmare for years. So this book also has a theme of don't judge anybody until you walk a mile in their shoes, because you don't really know what anybody is going through. These are the themes I got from the book "Okay for Now", this was a great book to evaluate what role the theme played in a book.

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