Sun   Beam Seeker Bot

BEAM     robotics   is      about   getting     the    most    complex and    interesting    behaviors    from    the    simplest circuits    and    components. The    SunBEAM    Seeker   is a very    simple   LM386-based light-seeking    robot based  .

    This is a sun beam seeker bot that I, Markia, made. I did this project because it looked interesting and fun to make and I wanted to try something new besides 3D printing designs and games development. The sun beam seeker bot was difficult because it had a lot of parts and steps but lacked a lot of detailed instructions for beginners. This was a new challenge for me as I didn't know many of the parts or even how to pronounce them. The steps where easy, at first, but the real challenge came with the soldering. I hadn't even heard of a soldering iron let alone know how to use one, but I learned! ( thats a whole other story ).

      Fast forward to the end: We flipped the switch didn't work. Absolutely nothing happened. Swing and a miss. Upon further investigation, we realized the switch (roller lever switch) was backwards and we forgot to solder the red wire to the 1k resister. Time for round 2! We flipped the  switched was alive!!!!!!! Alive I say! Alive! All the worked payed off.

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