Ancient Egypt Learning Care
By: Carson Johnke Cleon

Caption: The Nile River as it flows North.

Nile River

The Nile River flows through these countries  Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Burundi. It also is in the middle of Egypt. Without it Egypt wouldn't exist.It is approximately 4,160 miles long.  

Caption: The Sphinx


Tomb robbing happened alot in Ancient Egypt. Also to discourage the theft of tombs punishment was severe. After awhile pyramids fell out of style because it was far to hard to build (and took a long time to build) that it was so easy for robbers to steal what was inside.

Caption: The Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings

The quality of the rock here is very inconsistent. It also holds up to  tombs. King Tut is there and has been said to have the curse. It was constructed for the believe of noble and powerful kings.

Caption: King Tut


There are many pharaohs but one pushed towards the belief in one god. His name is Akhenaten. Another important one is Khufu who built the largest pyramid in the world. King Tut is probably the most famous of all because he died when he was only a teenager.

Caption: Shows the kingdom of Kush and the surrounding kingdoms.

Kush and Nubia

Kush was built at the beginning of the Nile. They didn't have to worry about flooding like the Egyptians. They also had leaders like Egyptians but the Kush's were queens not pharaohs and kings. One of there natural resources was iron ore this was during the iron age. It was a time where everyone wanted iron.

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