Beautiful Garden design Perth

Beautiful Garden design Perth

Garden design Perth specializes in residential and commercial landscaping in and around Perth, Western Australia. We are an approved water wise specialist through the Water Corporation and we provide our customers with all of the best water efficient technology and products including sub surface drip irrigation, greywater systems. We are committed to creating original and sustainable gardens which celebrate the seasons and suit your lifestyle and our hot Perth climate. We increase the value of your home with simple inexpensive changes to your garden .when designing gardens; we devise interesting layouts with hard landscaping elements, and then create depth and volume with abundant plant layers. We specialize in the creation of naturally beautiful outdoor living spaces with every garden we build being a unique design collaboration between ourselves and our clients. The gardens we create draw inspiration from elements of nature and incorporate natural materials and organic textures in original and unconventional ways. We offering a complete garden design and contracting service. We are based in the western suburbs of Perth and service the Perth metropolitan area as well as the surrounding country areas of Perth We are proud to have a very large client base in Perth that have used our landscaping services many times, which is testament to the outstanding service we provide. With many years of landscaping experience, our designers develop sustainable plantings in many different styles that require a minimum of maintenance, and we offer a biannual garden service to keep gardens fresh and pleasing.

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