~Nike: Goddess of victory~

By: Karina Hernandez

I'm Nike and this page is about what I dislike and what I adore!

Favorite Food

I absolutely adore Speedy's Pizza because they get my food done fast and it's delicious! I'm one of the fastest gods there is ;)


Why wouldn't anyone like to ride a Pegasus??

My favorite sport is riding horses (mostly Pegasus') because they are so fast like me and we both win together. VICTORY!

Other Friends :)

These people are so kind and so....so.....FAST

Hercules and his Pegasus are my closest friends because they are strong like me and always win their little fights like me! (I'm still best)
Flash is just a good friend to me because he is so fast and is a super hero so he wins a lot (like me)

Pet Peeves

Don't talk to me if you do these things !

Oh I despise when people brag about winning! I SHOULD WIN! They don't deserve to win...
Another thing I hate is when people rub their dumb trophy in my face because I loose...


Love these songs so much!

"Winning" Is my favorite song because it's about victory and success! I <3 Santana is one of my favorites!
Another one of my favorite songs is "We are the champions" by Queen because it's about being the winner (me!!)
Out of the three, this is my favorite because of the lyrics. (being victorious :))

Vacation Spot

Adore the feathers!

One of the best places to go for vacation is the jungle! Why? Because the beautiful birds and animals. (I like to study how they fly...)

Favorite Show

The flash is my favorite TV show because it stars my best friend, flash!

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