Driving under the influence

How to prevent or reduce drunk driving with new technologies?


Since the past few years, drunk driving has been one of the most known source of deaths  on the roads in Canada. Most of the time, people are aware that they're drunk but to confident to admit that it might be a bad decision and, except drunk friends at a party, nobody can stop someone drunk to drive back home. Good news are, we can still do some things to reduce that problem such as creating new technologies and, even, integrate them into are youths' lives.


Many electronic devices have been released to help prevent drunk driving and mostly for policemen. Of course, we all know the DUI breath test.But did you hear about the Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS) integrated in cars. Indeed, some car companies have started to offer a breath test that enables the car to start. Now, think about it! How great that would be if every driver under the age of 25 were obligated to have that function added to their cars? This would be a life changer. Unfortunately, some will say that governments are controlling to much their citizens, but at what cost? It's a question you I can answer with two words: SAVING LIVES!

To continue with policemen electronics, we could talk about the flashlight that detects alcohol in a body and even in a car. Just by pointing it at someone, it tells you the level of alcohol in their blood. As mentioned also, it can tell a policeman if there are alcohol containers in the car.

Many technologies are very useful to solve any problems such as drunk driving. We should believe in them because  they're a science that has been prooven and that works. All we need now is a beacon of hope and faith to start using them and stopping the problem because a problem is usually solved where it has begun.

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