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Here at Innovative Investing, we serve to help you better understand what choices you can make when it comes to investing your money. Please scroll through our website to figure out how and where to invest your excess cash in an effort to make even more cash.

Important Investing Options

Extremely High Risk

We'll put all the money you give us into the cryptocurrencies that our team selects as most likely to increase in value. Then we will wait a year, and take the money back out. You could lose a significant amount of money.

High-risk investment

We'll get a team to help you put your big bucks into the best projected corporate bonds that we know of. These present some risk, but with our team you should be able to make at least some money. We'll use whatever money you give to us to invest in the most promising "junk" bonds. Likely, we will invest it in technological companies that show promise. We may also use your money to trade stocks depending on the condition of the market and our team's projected outcome for the time being. You just give us the money, and we will do our best with your money. It is possible that you will have a negative return, but there is also a possibility for very high return.

Medium-risk investment*

Our medium-risk package would aid you in putting your money into various corporate bonds as well as helping you open a 401 (k) with your employer at 10% of your income going into it. We'll then advise you to use this to invest in relatively trusted places like municipal bonds, and some other government-backed bonds (treasury bonds, etc) that we have selected as likely to bring positive returns. We would not trade stocks with your money for medium-risk. 5% of the money would go into trusted money market mutual funds.

Low-risk investment option

If you are looking for a relatively low risk way to save and make some money, look no further than here. This won't necessarily make you a millionaire over night, but it is a safe way to ensure they your money will not be wasted or lost. Sign up and we will help your perform the following steps. This plan starts off with us helping you start a 401 (k) plan with your employer and planning to divert 5% of your paycheck into it (up to 18,000 annually max as of 2015). This will ensure that you have money to retire on and will save you from taxation as outlined by section 401 (k) of the tax code. This money will sit and not be invested into anything risky. An additional 5% of your income is to be placed into a long-term (five year) CD to maximize interest without any risk. At the end of the five year period, you will have a positive return.

*All plans come with one complimentary piggy bank; not just the medium-risk plan.


If you select medium or high risk options, your money will be spread out amongst multiple different bonds using a pool system. This is to ensure that you will be more likely to have a positive return (Higher chance of having a good investment, and bad investments can be dampened by other good investments).

Important Investing Vocabulary

401 (k) plans - a 401 (k) plan in a savings plan that employers sponsor. It allows the employee to save and invest some money from their paycheck before taxes are removed from it, thus saving them some money and giving them the ability to make money.

Bonds - A bond is a lot like a loan. When a company needs some startup, it may seek bonds for temporary money. Bonds are to be paid back after an amount of time with some interest.

Certificates of Deposit - essentially savings plans in which money cannot be taken out until a certain date. Money can only be put in. However, the interest gained from them is often higher than normal (compared to things like other forms of savings accounts)

Corporate Bonds - Quite simply, a bond for a corporation. The backing for the bond is generally the future earnings of the corporation, and thus these bonds can be risky if the corporation tanks in the future because they may have no collateral.

Municipal bonds - bonds issued by state and local governments in which finance government projects. These are usually low-risk investments because the state and local governments can generally always make their bondholders the full amount of their loans.

Money market mutual funds - These are mutual funds, or investment funds that represent an investment in all financial assets held by the fund, with short maturity dates. Essentially, it allows you to have a variety of short-term financial investments with low risk of losing principal.

Junk bonds - High risk but high yield corporate bonds.

Government savings bonds - Bonds that the government uses for debt reasons. Very safe due to their being backed by the full faith and credit of the government.

Treasury bonds - Long maturity date of over ten years. Backed by the government, so they are considered very safe investments.

Treasury bills - Short maturity date of one year or less. Backed by the government, so they are considered very safe investments.

Equities - This refers, quite simply, to stocks. It is the value of a percentage ownership of a company. Stocks are considered medium to high risk depending on what company it is because companies are not always as stable as they'd like to be.

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