What Do Cat's See?
By: Olivia K

So were you ever wondering what cats see? This Tackk is going to give you the right information to succeed this topic!

Well first of all cat's see blurrier than we do. They don't see the colors red, orange and brown because it falls out of their color range. But they do see the colors purple, blue, green and yellow. In the nighttime they can only see black, white and shades of gray.

Now we will talk about why cat's eyes glow in the dark. First of all they have this thing called the tapetum. The tapetum acts like a mirror and reflects light. Tapetums are placed behind the retina and it also helps improve their night vision.  

Did you know that cat's have a eye prescription for seeing far away! All they see is a bunch of blurs. So if you have a cat it can't see far away. (But glasses don't work on them because I tried it once and all my cat did is break them.) So do not let your cat wear your glasses or ELSE!

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