The Financial Shame & Blame Game

You can’t live beyond your means, if your means were never sufficiently met!

I Was An Entrepreneur Masquerading As An Employee #65

As the saying goes!

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Prov. After being tricked once, one should be wary, so that the person cannot trick you again.

Fred: Would you like a can of peanuts?Jane: The last can of peanuts you gave me had a toy snake in it. Fred: This one really is peanuts. Jane: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

We have been living in a fools paradise!

As the prices of good and services goes up, we would have hoped, income would have remained inline with goods and services. Clearly it didn't!

Calling citizens lazy, unwilling to work, unappreciative and welfare babies is outrageous!

Short term government financial solutions, were meant to be just that, short term! However man-made financial problems, created long term financial hardship and pitfalls for so many.

We either course correct or we shall see another 62 years of business as usual or status quo, where teens, blacks and Hispanics will be left out.

It’s time to get financially fit!

Get your financial life back America!

Economic News Release

Employment Situation Summary:

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rates for adult men (5.1 percent), adult women (4.9 percent), teenagers (17.5 percent), whites (4.7 percent), blacks (10.1 percent), Asians (3.2 percent), and Hispanics (6.8 percent) showed little or no change in March.

As the image indicates in 1950 the minimum wage was 0.50. In 2012 the minimum wage was $7.25. 62 years later and what does workers/citizens have to show for it?

An increase of $6.50 in 62 years! Just over $1.00 every ten years! This is appalling!

THE MORE I THINK ABOUT IT, however depressing, the cost of living continues to rise, and the price of all goods and services has gone up dramatically over the decades.

How Much Did It Cost in 1950 and 2009?

A Gallon of Milk                                                               Median Household Income

1950: $0.20                                                                       1950: $3,216

2009: $2 to $3                                                                  2009: $23,000

A Ticket to the Movies                                                     Minimum Wage

1950 – $0.40                                                                     1950 – $0.50

2009 – $11.00                                                                   2009 – $7.25

Average Price of a Home                                                 1st Class Postage Stamp

1950: $14,500                                                                    1950: $.03

2009: $258,000                                                                2009: $.44

1 Dozen Eggs A                                                                   Gallon of Regular Gasoline

1950 – $0.26                                                                       1950 – $0.18

2009 – $1.79                                                                       2009 – $2.47

Perceived Value: The value that a customer subjectively attaches to a brand or service. It is often the image or personality that differentiates one product from a virtually identical competitor.

Inflation: A general and progressive increase in prices; “in inflation everything gets more valuable except money”

I’m reaching out to you today to provide an alternative to being unemployed, underemployed, housing insufficient, uninsured, denied credit, lending opportunities, proper legal assistance or health care.

If you’re not being flat out denied, you’re paying a much higher price for good and services because of your information/data; how it’s being shared.

Citizens information/data is at risk!

Citizens have entrusted massive amounts of our information/data to organization, institution and industries.

Citizens best interest was/is not their number one priority!

Citizens information is being sold, traded, corrupted, manipulated, compromised and/or hacked. We the citizen are paying higher price on nearly everything, because our information/data is not being protected by the organization, institution and industries we have entrusted to control how our information/data is used, stored and protected.

Chronology of Data Breaches Security Breaches 2005 - Present provided by Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Empowering Consumers. Protecting Privacy.

Citizens can no longer take their information/data for granted!

Hello, my name is Tyrone Glover; I'm the Founder & CEO of The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym. We are a Consumer Credit Counseling Service located at 6150 Canoga Avenue Woodland Hills, CA 91367.

With three questions, I can put you mind at ease! Give you and yours back the control over your information/data and how it is being shared as well as remove many of the financial pitfalls which you and your family could be facing.

Yes or No plays a role; however the questions were created to get you thinking about your information/data. Who has access to it? How are they sharing it? Are you paying a higher price because of it?

Text me, call me, email me, video conference with me; use whichever methods you are most comfortable with! Give me 5 minutes, to set the record straight!

I ask nothing more!

Sorry, there is no app, which can fix this!

  1. Do you understand the information/data within your consumer credit and/or business credit profiles?
  2. Do you believe the information/data within your consumer credit and/or business credit profiles is 100% accurate?
  3. Can you successfully navigate the information/data within your consumer credit and/or business credit profiles?

Citizens are unintentionally leaving themselves unprotected!

Neither government nor employer is in a position to solve this monumental man-made problem. It’s up to each and everyone of us to do our part.

Get your financial life back America!

Thank you for the pleasure of your time!