The block-building computer game
By: A student in Jones science class 6

How it began...

Minecraft was created by a man named Notch (Markus Notch) in Sweden from a company called Mojang. Mojang released Minecraft and in about a week, hundreds of people from all around the world were playing. Over the ages, Minecraft has been updated to make the game better. Notch no longer owns the game, but Minecraft still belongs to Mojang Co.

Highlights of Minecraft

Minecraft is a game completely made of blocks and pixels. The goal is to survive, avoid getting eaten by the monsters and build a house. If you feel more daring then you can find your way to an underground building where a portal to The End. Find a way to open it, and you could be swept away to another dimension. Fight and defeat the dreaded Ender Dragon to win the game!! You can have many worlds set up at once and there are two main game modes: Survival and Creative. Survival is where you have health and hunger. Creative is where you have infinity supplies and can fly and can break blocks instantly.

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