Joe Biden

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class
made by Ethan C.

Joe Biden was born November 20.1942 in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Events Effecting His Life

  • Wife and daughters dying in car crash
  • Teacher mocked him
  • Failed to win presidency multiple times


            As a child "Joe" had a stuttering habit. It wasn't a problem until he started going to school where the habit got worse. One day a teacher mocked his stuttering by saying       B-B-B-Biden. In turn he left school right then and when he got home his mom took him right back, scolded the teacher and left. His family had ups and downs financially. His father was a co-owner of the oil company amoco but after WWII he left and tried to start a furniture store which failed when his partner stole money. Next, he tried starting a crop dusting company with another partner which eventually failed in 1972. He was then so broke that he and his family had to move in with his wives grandparents.

People Who Have Affected His Life

  • Mr.Biden (Joe's dad) had many words of advice for Joe when he was young.
  • Mrs.Biden (Joe's mom) was very protective of Joe.


  • Over coming his stutter
  • Becoming a senator
  • Becoming the vice president
  • Being married twice
  • Never drinking alcohol in his life

The Theme of his Life

            Joe Biden has supported the idea of reaching for your dreams no matter how far or near they may seem to reach.

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Joe Biden Biography

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