Why It Is Important To Include Sports At High School?

High school is a time to make friends, get good grades while participating in activities and preparing for the future. Unfortunately, because of budget cuts, some schools have opted out of high school sports, believing that money would be better spent on academics. Everyone believes that academics come first, but sacrificing sports lessens not only lower every child's high school experience but also hinder their ability to perform at optimum academic levels and develops into a well-rounded adult.

The Importance of Sports in Elementary School

During a child's elementary school years, children normally lose their recess privileges as an outcome to poor behavior. This outcome can have the opposite of the desired effect. Recess is the place where kids let out their aggression allowing the children to better deal with the aspects of school they do not benefit from.

Encourages Bonding and Confidence

Many administrators, teachers and parents fail to understand that high school in Lexington, Kentucky offer teenagers the same exposure. Participating in high school sports is vital for motor skill development, maintaining a healthy exercise program and for releasing anger when the academic stress become overwhelming. When youth participate in sports at high school they release endorphins which helps reduce depression and increases energy. Most of the high schools require at least a C average to participate in these sports, which provides the child with responsibility. Sports add to bonding between children and their parents when parents help with skills and come to games to applaud their child on.

Increase Overall Morale and Support

Sports at High Schools offer a release that is needed for every student. It enables the whole school to come together, whether playing, or observing, to cheer for their school. If your child is having difficulty making friends persuade them to join a high school activity or to go to a game and cheer for their school. It improves school morale when students meet to cheer for their team. While offering an enjoyable distraction from the stress of school, teenager's negative insight of school as a place similar to a prison is replaced with increased school pride. This augmented interest in school usually results in increased enjoyment in academics, resulting in better overall test scores and grades.

Adults Experience on High School Sports

When adults look back on their time in school, they do not remember their teachers, classes or grades but they do remember the sports in High School they participated in or observed. They often look back on these memories tenderly and look forward to their children having similar experiences. Support your teenager's high school to keep sports in High School around so every teenager can have a better overall high school experience.

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