Internet Safety

Internet safety.

1.Safe surfing tips and advice about safety online.

  1. The internet is not a safe thing of course if you use it properly you should be safe.For example if you going on this type of on safe websites like were you can watch free movies there are ads on that website saying: "Make 560$ a day." Which is obviously  a scam  and little kids press that ad and get viruses on their computer.Be careful on the internet watch the video down below and see why.

2.Risks that kids face on the computer scams,common threats,etc….

It is very dangerous to go on these sites because many little kids don’t even realize what they are doing on the computer.Like for example a “Yay you won $500 so press this ad to claim your $500” then kids would press it and come to this scam site and get a virus on their computer.

3.Protect your self on the internet.

To protect your self maybe you should use a fake id for example when you make a account on something like a game on the computer, when you first make an account for that game they ussually ask your name,email,last name,phone number and even somtimes your address even your postal code they ask. To protect your self you can always put in false information about your self for example use a fake name like “Ted Williams” and a fake address and a fake postal code.

4.Social networking tips for teens.

Okay we all know about 95%-97% of this school uses social media like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,and the list go’s on and on. But are they really safe?The teens are pretty safe if they are smart but if they are dumb and clumsy then they aren’t safe if they just use common sense.My tips are only your friends on social media can look at your socia1l staus and not make your page so everyone can see.Do not add random people on your social media.

5.Other ideas related to safety online.

Most probably the worst to get on your computer/online is when random people who you do not known you find out all your information. For example your phone number,address,full name,postal code,parents,etc..

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