The following four problems are major issues being faced by Italy. After following the news and hot topics of a Italy throughout 2014-2015, our group has determined that these are some of the top problems in Italy, and they are listed below in order of importance and prominence.

Issue #1- Illegal Immigration from North Africa

Issue #2- Failing Economy

Italy's Economy Word Cloud

Issue #3- Unemployment

Youth Unemployment Infographic

This infographic displays statistics about youth unemployment in the European Union. Although it has information about the European Union as a whole, the infographic also applies to Italy. It shows how Italy is compared to other parts of Europe, and it also gives some specific information on Italy. For example, the infographic displays that Italy has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the EU, between 30-40%. In the EU, 42% of employed people ages fifteen to twenty-four have only temporary contracts, and 34% have only part-time contracts, and in addition, an average of 13.2% of the youth in the EU is not taking part in any employment, education, or training. This general EU information corresponds to Italian statistics because Italy is right in the middle of the unemployment mess displayed on the infographic.

Issue #4- Crime and Violence

Italy's big cities are well known, great tourist sights, and great places to live which, in many cases makes it insanely crowded. Sometimes the crowdedness makes an ordinary person feel uncomfortable. A tourist for example is not used to daily life in Rome and is usually the more vulnerable victim for these criminals. A common tourist or visitor needs to be aware of there surroundings. Petty crime is a big deal in Rome. It is harder to bust somebody for little petty crimes than it is for murder. Coincidentally, murder is not a huge threat in Rome. With a population of almost 2.5 million people, there are many areas for these actions to occur. Many Romans use transportation other than walking. Trains, subways, trollies, and buses are all popular ways to get around the capital city of Rome, can potentially be dangerous, and are one of the most popular destinations for these crimes.

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