Hello everybody!

My name is Clémence and welcome on my page!

Arthur and I

My name is Clemence and my nickname is "tortue". I'm 15 years old and I live in Lille with my father and in Seclin with my mother. I have 3 younger brothers: Arthur, Emile and Paul. I love them even if there are crazy ^^ I have a cat called lili (I think it's a stupid name).

My friends and me. We were supporting the french football team for the world cup
Paul and Arthur in holidays in corsica
Paul & I

I read many books. "Oksa Pollock" is a book of Cendrine Wolf and Anne Plichota, it is wonderful, I love it. "Divergente" of Veronica Roth is a very good book too.

I love Timberton's films like "Coraline" and Miyazaki's films, I think his best film is "Nausicaä, de la vallée du vent".

I love "Mirror" sing by lil Wayne and Bruno Mars. The song is beautiful but I don't like the clip. My favorite singer is Katy Perry. I like "Mistral gagnant" of Cœur de pirate, a french song. The original song was sing by Renaud.

I love ski and badminton. I do badminton for 4 years and it's the best way to forget bad things.

My family in december

My heroine

Simone de Beauvoir was an incredible woman because she defended her ideas all her life.
She was an intellectual of the 20th century and wrote many. She went to the university " La Sorbonne", even if it was not allowed for women because she wanted to study to be able to think by herself and not like people wanted her to think. When she stoped to believe in god, she said it to her family even if her moher was very believer. Her father was not angry as her mother because Simone was a writer and he loved that. She was a philosopher and a teacher.
She was a feminist too. She didn't agree with her mother when she said that women haves to stay at home to work and to look after her children. So she didn't live like her mother liked her to live. She wanted to be free to do whatever she desired and fought that the wedding is an obstacle to freedom for women . She defended women's rights like when she defended the right of abortion. She wished to legalize it because she fought that the baby isn't always desire. She fight for equality between men and women.
She express her ideas throught her books like in "Le deuxième sexe" but a lot of people thought that she was wrong.
I have got a lot of respect and admiration for women like her.

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bonjour Clémence. Toujours pas d'audio? Dommage. :)