Melt proof container experiment!

Will it stay frozen or melt?

Our group was given orders to design a melt proof container above for our boss so we can become engineers in his company. Our objective was to keep the ice from melting in a container. We made some sketches and came up with the idea of surrounding the container in cotton and aluminum foil. We then recorded the temperatures of the ice in the container every hour for four hours.

In order to get our jobs as engineers, we have to build a successful melt proof container.

The first temperature was 10 degrees Celsius, then stooped down to 3 degrees Celsius and stayed there for the remainder of the time. We used cotton as a lid and an insulator for the cup to absorb any moister that melts off the ice.

All the materials, in total, cost about $4.40. About 3.20 led to tape usage. The rest was used on cotton, aluminum foil, plastic wrap. Fifty cents was spent on aluminum foil, fifty cents on cotton balls, and 20 cents on plastic wrap.

The product, unfortunately, did not reach the expectations of keeping the ice from melting. Our team did work very progressively, but we did have some disagreements on our base design. The biggest challenge for our team was the recording session since so many people were outside with us. I feel like it would have been easier if we had a more quiet recording area.

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