What dinosaur was the biggest dinosaur alive, and the most aggressive, and the most deadliest!  Yep a megalodon.  In this nonfiction text I will teach you cool facts about  the biggest most aggressive fish in  the sea, The megalodon!!!  I will teach you, how big were megalodons, what did megalodons eat, how long ago did megalodons live, and are megalodons still alive today.  So keep on reading this tackk if you want to learn amazing facts about meagalodons!

How Big Are Megalodons?

   Megalodons are 1,524 meters long.   A megalodons tooth is as big as a grown mans hand.  A megalodon is as big as 8 big yellow school buses!  Megalodons teeth are 7 feet long.  Megalodons are 4 times as big as the blue whale.

What Did Megalodons eat?

   Megalodons ate huge creatures, such as the whale shark, killer whales and seals and blue wales.  Megalodons would take 2 gulps to eat a blue whale!    Megalodons would swim at amazing rates, to catch their pray!  Megalodons would always catch their pray from speed and there size.

How Long Ago Did Megalodons Live?

    Megalodons lived 100,000 years ago.  Megalodons were dinosaurs.  Megalodons were huge fish that lived in the deepest part of the ocean.  Megalodons also went extinct 100, 000 years ago are did they?

Are Megalodons Still Alive Today?

   Millions of people think that the great megalodon is still dead today.  There are legends that Megalodons are still alive today.  The megalodon is still alive today.  Lots of T.V and books and nonfictional footage about the megalodon insistence are real and nonfiction.  So yes at least one megalodon is alive today!!!


   Thank you for reading this tackk!  You have learned a lot about megalodons.  You learned how big is a megalodon, what is a megalodon, how long ago did they live.  
Last but not least you also learned are megalodons still alive today!  Thanks for reading!!!


Legend:  A historical story but unauthenticated

Dinosaur: A animal that lived a long time ago





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