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Photo credit to Kevin P Trovini on Flickr [https://www.flickr.com/photos/124334028@N07/14348739945/

With the increased attention to wearable technology, we continue to explore the usability of Google Glass in our postsecondary career programs.

Check out the possibilities! View our "A Day in the Life" project #throughGlass!

In this project, students in our technical programs wear Google Glass to photograph and video what they 'see' as they learn various hands-on activities representative of their program. Sharing these views via various social media venues not only allows students to portray their learning to an authentic audience, but it also provides realistic information to prospective students. The connections for wearable technology are just emerging - let's create our own future with the opportunity.

Medical Assisting

Marine Service Technology

Dental Assisting

Commercial Foods & Culinary Arts