Sweet Suburbia
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About Us:

As proud members of the RA—Reorganization Act—we strive to make the lives of people just like you everyday. We have come to come together collectively to tell you that there is life outside of the city. Yes! I know! there is actually a beautiful place with pollution free air where crime is scarce and you are free to watch your children grow in a healthy environment. The RA has helped us reach many people that normally would not have had this opportunity and to this we are eternally grateful. we would also like to thank our amazing president Franklin D. Rosevelt for supporting our efforts as well. To move people into the real homes that they deserve.

For many generations mankind has been extremely dependent on large scale cities such as New York to help provide a better life style for them and their loved ones. Unfortunately, New York City —once beautifully vibrant and filled with opportunity —is now a crowded waste land filled with disease and broken dreams. The city has done it job and we have out worn our welcome, but we can change all of that TODAY!

Even though, New York is extremely cultured and full of great opportunity, it has the tendency to become over crowded and chaotic. Being social and close to neighbors is a great way to get interactive in your community, but how close is too close?


This could be your ideal Home! imagine living in a safe and healthy utopia completely detached from city life. Free from media corruption—a place where your children can roam harm-free and still be at home in time for supper!

The suburbs are honestly the best place to raise a family, because the amount of happiness that can come out of this living experience is truly uplifting. To be able to know that your children are safe and your family is must be one of the best feelings in the world. So move out to the Suburbs and lets Grow old together! :)

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